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Benefits of Cloud Backup: A Tool for the Managed Service Provider

As a managed service provider (MSP), we are responsible for monitoring, maintaining, and managing our clients’ network and data. All servers, mobile and remote devices, workstations, and applications are under our jurisdiction.

Let’s take a look at your current setup: When you backup all of this important data, is it all on site? If the answer to that question is yes, consider this: What is your emergency plan in the event of a flood? A fire? A burst hot water pipe? If all your backups are on physical tapes or disks on site, you might be stuck in a hard place should an emergency occur.

Enter the Cloud. Online storage platforms have emerged as the fastest and most reliable method for backing up data, commonly implemented as a hybrid model – where data is backed up on a local disk, and is simultaneously archived to a Cloud-based server. If the disk is damaged, lost, or erased, the Cloud archive still exists.

To further illustrate the benefits and simplicity the Cloud allows, here are 10 ways the Cloud is redefining the data backup game:

  • What the Customer Expects – MSPs are paid to protect data. The Cloud helps you protect that data. What better way to boost confidence than with the additional security the Cloud provides? It’s an obvious choice that should align with your mission.
  • Increased Trust ­and Better Relationships – By demonstrating to the client that you’re not simply uploading their data for public viewing, they’ll see that you are knowledgeable and are looking out for their interests.
  • Constant Accessibility – Whether in the office or on the road, the data exists in a physical and digital state, and can be accesses from anywhere at any time.
  • More Space – We haven’t reached the point in technology where we can instantly expand storage space on a hard disk. With the Cloud, more space can open up at the click of a button, without having to purchase servers and disks. The Cloud is as flexible as you want it to be.
  • Meet Service Level Agreements with Ease – Efficiency makes everyone happy. Clients will love the fast response times to their requests, say, if they need to be back online ASAP. Your own sanity will be thankful for the simplicity of accessing the data.
  • Recurring Revenue Source – Cloud-based storage typically incurs fees on a per/GB system. Factor this into your monthly invoices, and increase the fee as additional space is required. This way, we only charge customers for the space they require.
  • Additional Service Revenue – Cloud backups are certainly more efficient, but someone still needs to put in the time to test, monitor, and maintain the Cloud service your MSP employs.
  • Faster Backup – Cloud backups only need to sync blocks of data changed from the last backup, not the entire set of data, which means the amount of moving data is kept to a minimum. Minimal data movement means fast backup.
  • Faster Restoration – Data restoration with the Cloud is as fast as your internet connection. This is where the Hybrid method comes into play. If the internet is down or speeds are slow, use the local disk to complete restoration.
  • No Lost Data! – Having both a hard copy and digital copy of a single data set adds redundancy and extra layers of protection of your clients’ data.

To find out how your business in the Pittsburgh or Hagerstown areas could benefit from Cloud-based data backups, get in touch with us! Contact Greg Pack at PGH Networks; call 724-888-7007 or email