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PGH Networks Employee Spotlight: Mark Haluska

Announcing Mark Haluska as our New Spotlight Employee at PGH Networks! Learn more about Mark and the difference he makes at PGH Networks through his knowledge, dedication, hard work, and positive outlook, while getting an insiders perspective of the culture and structure at PGH Networks.

Position at PGH Networks:
Senior Engineer

What strengths do you bring to the table professionally? 
I have over 10 years of experience of designing, installing, maintaining and troubleshooting voice and data networks.  Having a robust background of technical knowledge allows me to talk to customers about a wide variety of technologies and how to fix their IT challenges. I enjoy interacting with customers which has allowed me to build career long relationships along the way.

Why do you like working at PGH Networks? 
PGH Networks promotes the school of thought, “bring your ideas to the table, and lets see how we can make it work.” Everyone working at PGH Networks has one goal, and that is to be successful.  Relaxed work hard/play hard atmosphere and culture that is still conducive to hard work, team building and collaboration. Work/life balance is taken seriously: You are expected to work, however we understand that hard work must be appreciated and employees must have a life outside of work.

What are the responsibilities of your position?
My responsibilities range from week to week. One week I am working with small doctors office fixing day to day IT issues and the next week I am working on a large project to expand customers voice and data footprint nationwide.  Being a customer-facing engineer means working with everyone from temp-users all the way to the C Level officers in a company.   I am also currently conducting first round interviews to fill a help desk position.   I am looking forward to growing our team and finding the right people to do so!

How do you stay informed about new partner products, changes, etc?

It’s easy to keep up with new products and technologies these days.  I keep a few sites bookmarked that inform me of new products, or software improvements.  We also have company meetings to discuss technology items that we forsee as being beneficial to us or our customers.   We also bring in our Vendors on a  semi regular basis to keep us informed on their roadmaps and promotions.

What are your personal interests?
Personal interests include spending time with my family primarily, but also playing sports, when my body allows me to.   PGH Networks has sponsored an adult coed softball team in the Beaver County United Coed Softball League.  Myself and my brother coach/manage the team.  I also help coach my 8 year old son’s baseball team in the Beaver / Brighton Township area.

What, if any, Sports teams do you follow?

I’m a Pittsburgh guy through and through.. If the team plays for Pittsburgh, I’ll cheer them on!