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Top Level Domains

At PGH Networks, our primary focus is to keep our clients well-informed about the latest developments in the dynamic field of cybersecurity. Today, we want to draw your attention to a critical issue related to new top-level domains (TLDs) that could
potentially pose threats to your online security. Let’s start by understanding what a TLD (Top-Level Domain) is. Essentially, it is the “.com,” “.net,” “.org,” or “.edu” part of a website or email address. In the case of, the bolded segment represents the TLD or Top-Level Domain. Traditionally, only a limited number of these TLDs were in common use. However, in
recent times, a plethora of new TLDs has emerged, making it significantly easier for cybercriminals to mimic a legitimate company. As an example, consider the image below showcasing a malicious website that appears to be a Microsoft login page. The website’s name,, seems legitimate, especially given our familiarity with .zip files, as seen in the address bar.

Recognizing the existence of these TLDs serves as the most effective safeguard.
Certain businesses may find it beneficial to purchase several of these domains to
protect against potential misuse by unauthorized entities attempting to impersonate
their company. Here are some prevalent new TLDs to be mindful of:

  • careers
  • .io
  • .cloud
  • .us
  • .law
  • .tech
  • .inc

If you’re curious about the range of TLDs accessible for your company or any other
entity, explore this website for more information.