Business Communication

Have you ever dropped a call in the middle of an important conversation? Are there cables and wires all over the office that you wish you could eliminate? Would seamless communication increase your productivity throughout the day?

Increase Productivity

Budget Flexibility

Peace of Mind

Create Strategy

Achieve Seamless Communication with PGH Networks.

Communication is a critical component of any business. Let PGH Networks transform your conversations into an engaging experience. Your place of work should have efficient, expertly installed cabling that never gives out and always keeps you connected across all devices in the most seamless format. Have the ability to make and receive phone calls, video conferences, SMS, emails, Live Chats and so on, as well as share and access data all from one centralized location. Get rid of the mess and terminate those communication headaches.

Communication is simple, and so is our solution.

What is PGH Network’s Approach to Business Communication?

When it comes to business communications, we approach it just like any other technology. There’s no one size that fits all. It’s really about understanding your needs and determining the best fit. PGH Networks currently offers Hosted Phones business communication systems through 3CX. The Hosted Phones solution offers a complete Unified Communications solution with advanced features such as having the ability to search the status of your colleagues, delivering faxes and voicemails to an inbox, and instant messaging/chatting between teammates. We chose 3CX as our preferred communication because we want the best, it’s that simple.


To make remote working truly work, you need a system that will allow you to have an office without limits. A communication system like 3CX’s gives both Mac and Windows users the ability to manage your phone calls and messages in-office, at home or on the road.

A browser-based web client 

The 3CX Web Client enables you to access your company’s phonebook, conferencing solution and collaboration tools wherever you are. With internet connection and a 3CX extension, you are set!

Video Conferencing

 The 3CX WebMeeting feature allows users to conduct face-to-face meetings from home and collaborate using whiteboards, PDF sharing, polls and more. Customize your webinar’s setting and style by choosing from a classroom or office background depending on your audience.

Internal Messaging

As technology changes, so do communication preferences, and on average 90% of people would rather message than talk on the phone. The 3CX Internal Messaging feature allows you to chat, share files and collaborate with colleagues instantly.

Fully Integrated Mobile Applications

For those of us who have work schedules that keep us on the road, having reliable mobile apps is a must. 3CX offers iOS and Android apps at no extra cost, allowing employees to call, chat and VC with their office extension wherever they are!

Live Chat

If your company is a customer-facing business, you are all too familiar with the fact that customers do not stop asking questions post-office hours. By adding 3CX Live Chat to your website, customers are able to directly ask you questions, which can be received via desktop, laptop, or mobile app on your phone or tablet.

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