Business Continuity

Does your organization have useful and up-to-date business continuity plans? Does it have the strategy in place to guide recovery if a security breach or other digital incident occurs?

What if a hacker hijacks all your data? What if a power outage leads to near-total data loss? Are you truly prepared for natural disasters, or manmade ones? Business continuity is a crucial consideration for every organization. Disaster recovery planning supports the continued good health of your company.

How can you ensure your company can restore data and prioritize continuity of business?

Increase Productivity

Budget Flexibility

Peace of Mind

Create Strategy

Never fear, PGH Networks has you covered with business continuity solutions.

With our business continuity services, your data will be fully backed up at all times. That means you’ll never lose more than 15 minutes of work.

No more worrying about data loss, and no more headaches when it happens. With that kind of confidence, it’s easier to focus on the key needs of your business and less on what-if scenarios. You know your organization is fully protected.

The industry has mislabelled business continuity as simply a backup. But that’s just a small piece of our business continuity services.

Find Out How PGH Networks Can Mitigate Costly Risks with Business Continuity.

In reality, a business continuity strategy is a comprehensive plan to ensure that when you do have a disaster, you know exactly what to do to get back up and running. It involves digital security and backups as well as plans that return your company to regular operations.

Don’t allow your data and your success to disappear on you. Have confidence in your business and your future.

Enjoy the benefits of sound disaster recovery strategies and an advanced continuity solution that archives your data on a consistent basis.

What is PGH Networks’ Approach to Business Continuity?

As a leader in network security and disaster recovery for the greater Pittsburgh region, PGH Networks takes a big-picture approach to business continuity management.

We develop an entire plan of disaster recovery solutions that are customized for your unique business needs. We recognize that no two businesses are exactly alike. That means every business continuity strategy should be unique, too. We take your core needs, operations, and priorities into account for extremely effective business continuity.

We’re here to support companies throughout Pittsburgh and beyond. We’ll make you confident in your backup disaster recovery strategy and all other aspects of business continuity planning. That means more time to invest back into the core needs of your company, with the knowledge that the experts have your business continuity strategy set as a top priority.

PGH Networks makes sure that you are always prepared through technology business reviews and regular audits. We ensure that:

    • Your data protection backups are running as efficiently as possible
    • Your internet connections failover as needed
    • Your policies for responding to disasters and resuming normal business operations are thorough and up to date.

Don’t worry, the best time to begin your business continuity plan is right now.

Ready to protect your Pittsburgh-based business with the help of an experienced and dependable partner? Contact us today!