Business Continuity

Do you have a plan if a cybercriminal hijacks all your data? What if a power outage dumps all of it? Are you truly prepared for a disaster?

Increase Productivity

Budget Flexibility

Peace of Mind

Create Strategy

Never fear, PGH Networks has you covered.

Your data will be fully backed up at all times, meaning you’ll never lose more than 15 minutes of work. No headaches required.

The industry has mislabelled business continuity as simply just a backup, but that’s just a small piece of it. It’s actually a whole plan to ensure that when you do have a disaster, you know exactly what to do to get back up and running.

Don’t allow your data and your success disappear on you. Have confidence in your business and your future. Enjoy the benefits of an advanced continuity solution that archives your data on a consistent basis.

Find Out How PGH Networks Can Mitigate Costly Risks with Business Continuity.

What is PGH Network’s Approach to Business Continuity?

PGH Networks has a big picture approach to business continuity. We develop an entire plan that is customized for your unique business needs.

PGH Networks makes sure that you are always prepared through technology business reviews and regular audits. We ensure that your backups are running as efficiently as possible, that your internet connections fail over as needed, and that your policies are thorough and up-to-date.