Managed IT Services Pittsburgh

Will you be prepared when your technology quits on you? Do you have a team of IT professionals at your disposal, round-the-clock? Would you rather focus on your business than worry about your technology?

Increase Productivity

Budget Flexibility

Peace of Mind

Create Strategy

Is Managed IT services Right for Your Business?

Hiring a Managed Service Provider (MSP) gives your business an edge up as opposed to hiring a singular staff person.

If you do not currently have IT support but have IT concerns then an Managed Service Provider, like PGH Networks, will provide you with a team of people you can rely on utilizing our Fully Managed Services. We get to know your business and are collectively able to give you consistent, reliable, and well-rounded expert level IT support.

Alternatively, for companies that have an existing IT staff, our Co-Managed Services allows our IT experts to become an extension of your staff, working hand-in-hand with your team to help fill in the gaps. It can be difficult to stay fully up to date on the ever-evolving technology landscape and maintain a high level of expertise in all areas while managing the existing day to day challenges. Partnering with PGH Networks can help alleviate that stress.

Beyond the technical piece, you will also have access to the account management side of things. Our account management process enables us to help you accomplish your business goals through experienced planning and budgeting.

A Managed Service Provider can ensure that you comply with the state and federal regulation of your industry.

When you hire PGH Networks as your Managed Service Provider, you are truly getting access to an amazing team of experts.  Regardless of the solution, our goal is to allow you to focus on generating revenue for your business and servicing your customers.

Let PGH Networks take care of your technology equipment.

We’ll make sure nothing breaks down or falls apart.  Receive 24/7 support from expert technicians who provide quick and permanent solutions. We proactively monitor systems to fix potential issues before they become a problem. 

With proactive monitoring, routine maintenance, and automatic upgrades, your technology will never quit on you again. 

Become more efficient, more advanced, and more secure. 

In the modern world, no consumer has time for a business who doesn’t utilize high-quality technology.

Find Out How PGH Networks can Improve Your Bottom Line Through Our Managed IT Services.

What Can you Expect when Hiring PGH Networks?

To start the process, we have an initial meeting. Our goal at this point is to understand your needs and expectations and to introduce you to our process. 

From there, we move into the discovery process, which includes a member from our sales team, as well as a vCIO. Our vCIO will perform an audit to make sure we understand all your technology needs and alert you of any red flags we’ve found. 

Additionally, we will sit down with various levels of your organization. Our goal is to understand how they are using technology to do their day to day jobs, as well as uncover any issues that might be causing hurdles. 

Once we’ve completed our thorough data collection process, we will come back out and present you with a complete solution.

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