PGH Networks

Aruba ClearPass Onboard

Automated mobile device provisioning and configuration for secure BYOD

An application for the ClearPass Policy Manager platform, ClearPass Onboard automatically provisions and configures personally-owned mobile devices – Windows, Mac OS X, iOS and Android 2.2 and above – enabling them to securely connect to the network.

ClearPass Onboard lets users securely and automatically provision and configure their own smartphones, tablets and laptops.

With ClearPass Onboard, it’s easy for employees, contractors and partners to self-configure their own mobile devices for BYOD. The ClearPass registration portal automatically detects a device’s operating system and presents the user with the appropriate configuration package.

ClearPass Onboard provides an incredibly simple way to configure wireless, wired and VPN settings, apply unique device credentials, and ensure that users securely connect their devices to 802.1X-enabled networks with minimal IT involvement.

The result is a streamlined workflow that allows IT helpdesk personnel to automate and secure multiple processes that are required to successfully carry out BYOD initiatives while improving the user experience.

ClearPass Onboard also significantly increases the amount of actionable information that is captured for troubleshooting, user- and device-based policies, and compliance and reporting requirements.

Key features:

  • Enables users to self-register and securely onboard multiple devices.
  • Supports Windows, Mac OS X, iOS and Android operating systems.
  • Automates the configuration of network settings for wired and wireless endpoints.
  • Unique provisioning and revocation of device-specific credentials.
  • Contains built-in public key infrastructure (PKI).
  • Uses profiling to identify device type, manufacturer and model.
  • Provides BYOD visibility and centralized policy management capabilities