PGH Networks

Aruba ClearPass Guest

The industry’s most secure, scalable and customizable guest network access solution

An application for the ClearPass Policy Manager platform, ClearPass Guest is a scalable, easy-to-use visitor management solution that delivers secure wired and wireless network access to guests, employees, contractors and their mobile devices.

Greatly simplifying visitor management, ClearPass Guest streamlines workflow processes, allowing operators or sponsors – receptionists, even coordinators and other non-IT staff – to create temporary accounts for Wi-Fi access.

Guests can also self-register for network access. Once registered, ClearPass Guest delivers account login credentials to users via print, SMS text message or email. Accounts can be set to expire automatically after a specific number of hours or days.

Scalable to satisfy the needs of large enterprises and multisite networks, ClearPass Guest manages secure, role-based access for hundreds of thousands of concurrent users.

ClearPass also enhances the guest experience by enabling organizations to create a branded look and feel on visitor registration pages. Organizations can post news updates, discount offers, upcoming events and other customized content.

Key features:

  • A ClearPass Policy Manager starter-bundle includes ClearPass Guest.
  • Create and modify temporary user accounts; delete or set accounts to automatically expire.
  • Scales to support thousands of concurrent users with minimal IT involvement.
  • Unique username and password per user.
  • Guests and employees can register for access through a customizable web interface.
  • Deliver guest account credentials via print, SMS or email to simplify registration.
  • Customizable skin technology enables the creation of uniquely branded captive portal and guest login pages.