PGH Networks

Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager

The most comprehensive network access policy enforcement platform for BYOD

The Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager™ platform makes it easy to secure next-generation mobility services, enhance network access security and compliance, and streamline network operations for wired, wireless and VPNs.

A comprehensive policy management solution, the ClearPass Policy Manager platform includes ClearPass Guest, ClearPass OnBoard and ClearPass OnGuard applications.

It also provides role-based policy management, detailed endpoint profiling, enterprise-grade RADIUS/TACACS+, BYOD and Apple Bonjour-enabled device registration, mobile device management (MDM), and administrative web access.

Whether local or remote, ClearPass makes it effortless to centrally manage and enforce user- and device-based access policies across multivendor campus and distributed network infrastructures, regardless of device ownership or connection method.

ClearPass Policy Manager provides unprecedented visibility into all devices on wireless and wired networks.

Key features:

  • Unsurpassed multivendor wireless and wired interoperability.
  • Built-in guest, profiling, network access control.
  • Onboarding of leading endpoint operating systems.
  • Easy-to-use policy creation and troubleshooting interface.
  • Proactive policy simulation and testing utilities.
  • Real-time user and device access logs track each authentication.
  • Convenient dashboards for user and device authentication analysis.
  • Published and open API for simple third-party integration.
  • MDM interoperability via API connector services.
  • Fully-replicated active clustering for high availability, redundancy and load balancing.
  • Advanced reporting, analytics, alerts and archiving for compliance and auditing