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Xima Recording Library

With the Recording Library module, the calls you record with Avaya’s Voicemail Pro will be automatically cataloged and ready to listen to from within the Cradle to Grave interface. Finding your recorded calls has never been so simple.

When a recording is created, Recording Library takes the file and compresses it into an efficient Speex (.spx) file, which is optimized for high quality voice playback. Recordings like this typically take up 100 KB of file storage per minute. This means that with only 32 GB of storage space, you could record an agent for eight full hours every workday for two years.

Chronicall intelligently matches each recording with the appropriate call and places a small icon next to that call’s data within Cradle to Grave. This gives you yet another way to easily search, filter, and sort your calls to quickly find the information you need.

Clicking on a recording icon opens an audio player within Cradle to Grave, allowing you to listen to the call instantly. Stop, mute, rewind, fast forward, and jump to any position as easily as you would with any other media player, all without opening any other windows or programs.

Sharing recordings with others is as simple as typing an email address. Send .spx or .wav files to as many recipients as you want without the need to download and attach them over a separate email client. If you want to save a backup copy of a recording or play it later, you can download it to your computer with a few simple clicks.