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What Your Company Needs to Know About Data Security

No matter the size of your company, you need to have a plan in place that secures your business and client information. What information might you have that needs to be secured?

  • Product Information
  • Financial Information
  • Customer Information

With PGH Networks partner Sophos, we provide various options that combat all security obstacles, and we can also focus on specific areas where added security is needed. We supply our customers with comprehensive security for both users and data including devices, web and email all within a single license, or we also supply our customers with security tools for specific purposes, like Secure Wi-Fi, Secure Email Gateway, Secure Web- Gateway, Next-Gen Firewalls, and other security tools.

Data EncryptionThere is an incredible amount of information we can discuss when it comes to the security for your business. Let’s zone in on one here, and discuss why it is an item you shouldn’t overlook.

Let’s take a closer look at Data Encryption and why your company should have it. First, ask yourself the question:

Where is my data and how is it currently stored?”

If your employee’s take home laptops, use cellular phones for work, email confidential files, or utilize a server to view, send, or receive files, than each of these items or streams of information need to be secure. Believe it or not, there is an entire sub-culture of hackers that actively seek out valuable data 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For devices like laptops and mobile devices, you need to implement Disk and Device Encryption to keep your files safe. What happens when a laptop goes missing or gets stolen? What happens when a phone is hacked and confidential client information is now being sold to hackers around the globe? Instead of reacting to stolen confidential records, be proactive, and put a security plan in place. You may think that employee’s laptops are safe because they are password protected, but in reality, passwords can be cracked in minutes. When you encrypt your employee laptops, computers, and devices, a theft cannot read you data. Protect your valuable data with the first line of defense being encryption.

According to PGH Networks Partner Sophos Security, disk and device encryption is the absolute best defense against data lost that occurs from company devices that are either stolen or lost. As described by Sophos, “When data is encrypted, it is scrambled in unreadable format called cipher text, and only the person with the encryption key can unscramble it again.”

If you find this interesting, and think your company may be interested in more information about Sophos or Security, don’t wait until your data is stolen. Call PGH Networks and speak with one of our security specialists today. 1-844-4PGH-HELP (1-844-4744-4357).

Still not sure about Sophos Security?

Sophos SafeGuard Enterprise was awarded the 2014 TechTarget Readers’ Choice Award for the best encryption solution. Sophos won this award from the 1,700+ IT security professionals that make up TechTarget’s readers.

So why not just order security through Sophos and not PGH Networks?

PGH Networks has specialty partners like Sophos in all different categories of technology, with a team that specializes in configuring to your needs, and managing your services with ease, speed, and a personal touch. Through our partnerships we add value to our products through our services.