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Video Conferencing: Simplifying Communication

Interpersonal communication is the foundation of which any society, especially a globalized free-market society like the U.S., is built upon.

What’s amazing about communication is our society’s adaptability through different mediums over time.  At one point in our history, believe it or not, there was only one form of communication and that was face-to-face.  Communication is so vitally important to our society that we once relied on carrier-pigeons to relay our messages.  

Carrier-pigeons.  Talk about keeping your fingers crossed.

Let’s fast forward to 2013.

Think about the multitude of ways our society has to communicate today.  Face-to-Face; Telephone; Text Message; Picture message; Tweet; Facebook; Snapchat; Hand-written letters; Typed-letters; that only names a few different ways.

We’ve come to a point in our society’s evolution where there are so many ways for us to communicate we are, in many ways, devolving in our ability to communicate.   We’re left with so many ways to communicate that we’re never really sure which form of communication is the proper form for a given situation.

Our business partners from LifeSize have come up with a simple way to communicate for any situation.