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New Year, New Business Phone System Gear

The biggest improvements in telecom systems in the past five-plus years include additions such as the buzz word of 2013, “BYOD” (Bring Your Own Device), Mobile Extension, Voice Mail to Email, improvements to integrated UC (Unified Communications), SIP trunking, etc. Business telephone systems that are five years old or more run a good chance of NOT being capable of these advanced but necessary features.In the age of improved accessibility from clients, suppliers, and co-workers, businesses need these features to stay in touch.

In the spirit of New Year’s resolutions, PGH Networks continues support for existing telecom systems, while offering small to medium sized businesses a path for a new telephony platform. Choices range with varied features and great pricing.

One Industry Expert, indicates, “So many businesses in the past eight to ten years have downsized due to the economy but now need to be even more available and readily in touch with their customers… it’s a real dilemma. Newer phone system platforms have a whole suite of features designed to help small to medium sized businesses to meet these needs without adding costly staff.”

The Avaya IP Office phone system is a sound choice for business customers. After purchasing the SMB platforms from Nortel, Avaya captured an “Upgrade with us” capability and have been porting clients over to the Avaya IP 500 phone system by allowing Nortel users to keep their existing phones. This prevented the Nortel ICS line from eventually becoming a dead end for users. Expansion is a snap as well, with Avaya IP 500 Expansion cards and modules. Users can eventually add to and/or replace phones with a wide range of choices of new Avaya IP Office phones.

When Avaya took over the Nortel SMB lines, one of the exciting acquisitions was the Business Communication Manager – or Avaya Nortel BCM phone system line. The BCM starts with the small business BCM 50, a compact but powerful IP capable telephone system. The other currect BCM brought over initially to Avaya was the BCM 450 for enterprise clients. Both of these platforms are easily expandable with a variety of optional hardware, referred to asBCM Media Bay Modules, and software, often called BCM Key Code Licenses.

Regardless of which phone system a business chooses to upgrade to, managers need to brainstorm about all the things the business wishes to do with their office telephones. Once a list of strategic options are chosen and defined, the right phone systems for the job will present themselves. At that point a call to PGH Networks will allow a personal technology consultant to match the wishlist of requirements and budget to an appropriate platform. Again in 2014, PGH Networks continues to assist businesses to reach their “New Year’s Technology Resolution” goals.

About PGH Networks

PGH Networks is a Managed Service Provider (MSP) that focuses on key business technology.  This includes Avaya Phone Systems from traditional Digital and Analog devices to the latest in VoIP and SIP.  Our Endpoints do not stop there as we are a leader in software endpoints for all users.  Whether a full time receptionist, office worker, help desk agent, home worker, or mobile employee we adapt and provide solutions.

We also offer Aruba Networks WiFi Solutions from a single access points to an Enterprise Organization we can secure your network.

To round out our portfolio we implement LifeSize HD Video Conferencing.  This technology allows for collaboration between businesses using boardrooms to, Desktop/ Laptops, Tablets, and Smart Phones.

PGH Networks backs every product we offer with years of industry experience and great help desk support.

PGH Maryland provides local Sales and Service in Hagerstown, Frederick, and Martinsburg, WV.  Our Pennsylvania Offices give support to Western, Central, and Eastern Markets of the State.  With 10 plus years of experience with each employee across all markets we focus on long-term partnerships and providing great service, support, and sales solutions to your business needs.

PGH was founded with the mission to provide simple solutions in a complex industry, while delivering great service in the most efficient manner.

Our Vision is to be recognized as the market’s best Managed Service Provider (MSP) by providing innovative designs, unparalleled service and sound solutions that enable our customer’s to do more with technology.

PGH Networks Values – Simple, Efficient, Greatness