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Preparing for a Cyber Incident

Cybercrime continues to be on the rise each year, as it adapts and anticipates user behavior. Hacking as a service, and the dark web generate billions of dollars from individuals and organizations because of this. 

Many business are aware of needing cybersecurity measures in place and a deep adoption of it’s best practices. But aside from that, preparing for a cyber incident can be overwhelming to many organizations. 

Thankfully the United States Secret Service – Cybercrime Investigation Department put together an Introductory Guide that helps lessen the confusion for business leaders. Below are a few key factors that stood out to us.

Establish Liaisons and Partnerships

The resources that are available to businesses for cybersecurity are unfathomable. Begin by identifying law enforcement agencies responsible for combating cybercrime within your geographic area. Determine what cybersecurity information and resources they have available publically or through partnership initiatives for your. PGH Networks is a trust partner to many local and regional businesses and is happy to assist. 

Create a Cyber Awareness Culture

it is important to continually learn about existing and emerging cyber threats and risk management strategies by participating in cybersecurity events and educational programs. Reach out to us to schedule a Security Awareness Training for your team today! In addition, the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) provides cybersecurity awareness training for the general public. 

Develop, Execute, Test a IR Plan

Developing an Incident Response plan with specific and concrete procedures is necessary. Importantly, executing and testing the program is just as critical. 

To start, the IR plan should include the following:

  • An IR Team consists of decision makers, critical personnel (senior management, legal counsel, human resources, corporate security, IT security, public relations), and if needed, a retained IR firm. If having the services of an IR firm, collaborate with the IR firm on your organization’s IR Plan and review their processes.
  • Assignment of specific tasks and timelines for the completion of critical tasks.
  • Contact information for the members of the IR Team, day and night, and how to proceed if they are unreachable or unavailable.

Want to learn more? Download the free guide for additional information on Preparing for a Cyber Incident. 



Partnering with an IT agency that values Trust,  Teamwork, and Respect as we do a PGH Networks will put you on the path to having strong security in place.   Our knowledgeable team of IT veterans is constantly reviewing potential threats and industry recommendations, allowing us to address concerns quickly.

Contact us today if you want to discuss the cybersecurity status of your organization or need assistance developing and executing a response plan.