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Our team at PGH Networks is an eclectic group of individuals like golf enthusiasts, co-ed ice hockey players, reptile collectors, and even a beekeeper! But there is one similarity among us…the love for technology.

We all agree that technology makes our lives easier (especially when you know how to use it, ha), bringing the world to our fingertips. It can make travel easier, create a more effective workplace, and even let us adjust the temperature at home when we’re not even there.

Typically, we stress the importance of practicing good cyber-hygiene to protect yourself and your information online, which is hugely beneficial. However, there there is a flip side to this technology coin. It is equally as important to unplug from our digital devices.


If you feel like you’re addicted to your phone, it’s because you are. As a recent study suggests, technology can be just as addictive as narcotics and works similarly. Brain scans show that spending time on screens activates the same neural loops that narcotics do. Unplugging once a week helps break these patterns.

Taking a digital break allows for better sleep, may lessen stress, anxiety, and depression symptoms, and allows the body to focus on more productive habits, like exercising, or experiencing the outdoors. Having less screen time also decreases the chance of developing a “text neck.”

When we feel more balanced and well-rested, everything else seems to follow in place naturally. We can be more focused, mindful, present, grateful, and generally more positive. These shifts all lead to increased productivity in your personal and work life.  


It may seem overwhelming, if not near impossible, to think of unplugging from all of your devices cold turkey. The good news is that you don’t have to initially. Take it as baby steps; sign out of your social accounts for a weekend, or set your screen time limits to deny specific apps during a specified time window. Then begin to build up to disconnecting entirely for 24 hours, one day a week. There will be a noticeable difference in your life, work, and relationships!


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