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Email Remains The Top Entry Point For Cyber Threats

Email Remains The Top Entry Point For Cyber Threats

Cybercriminals are becoming more active across a variety of platforms, increasing in complexity and frequency. Email is still the most popular target for cybercriminals, with malware, ransomware, and phishing attacks being the three most common types of cyber attacks. Email is where about 50% of malware begins, leading to devastating results. 

What is the Current State of Email Security?

The most common ways that ransomware is spread is through phishing and spam emails. Additionally, 96% of phishing attacks are sent by email, according to recent statistics. Hackers utilize a variety of attack vectors to take advantage of email systems. Let’s examine the typical methods that jeopardize email security:

  • Ransomware – These days, there are a lot of ransomware versions that are sent via email. It is a kind of malicious software that locks down a computer system or file and prevents access to it until the victim pays the attacker a ransom. 
  • Spam – The majority of harmful email comes in the form of unsolicited mail, sometimes known as spam. However, dealing with unwanted emails that contain harmful links or malware attachments is a challenge for many small- to medium-sized businesses, not so much staying on top of get-rich-quick schemes like the “Nigerian prince” hoax.
  • Phishing – This is a technique that involves obtaining personal data through phony emails and websites. The goal is to deceive the receiver into opening what appears to be a trustworthy email and persuade them to click on harmful links or download an attachment that will take them to a page that will covertly capture their information.

What Can You Do To Protect Yourself From Cyber Threats?

Due to a lack of resources and incident response infrastructure, many businesses struggle to achieve high cyber threat detection rates. Companies are unable to effectively monitor, evaluate, and report all email security issues without a skilled incident response team. 

Without professionals, no one can advise the company’s decision-makers about the tactics and resources that may be used to enhance security measures and get them ready for cutting-edge attacks.

Organizations must carefully assess the email security solutions they’re thinking of deploying in order to fill the gaps in email security. Working with PGH Networks provides an adaptable strategy and strong communication to help achieve high detection rates, enhance incident response, and on-going simulation training for clients. To learn more on how PGH Networks can help keep your email safe from cyber threats, contact us today!