PGH Networks

Aruba 802.11ac with ClientMatch

The only patented technology that squeezes out more throughput for 802.11ac
Aruba ClientMatch™ technology eliminates sticky clients by continuously gathering session performance metrics from mobile devices and using this information to intelligently steer each one to the closest AP and best radio on the WLAN.

Use of 802.11ac data rates requires close distance between the mobile devices and the WLAN access points (APs). Without ClientMatch, an 802.11ac-enabled wireless WLAN runs the risk of operating at 802.11n speeds.
Predictable WLAN performance
ClientMatch is aware of every device connected to every AP and directs each one to a specific AP based on its connection needs. Providing faster network connections for individual clients translates to better overall wireless performance for everyone.
Optimize all devices with zero-touch
ClientMatch is part of a standards-based solution that supports all device types – 802.11abg, 802.11n, and 802.11ac. There’s no need to purchase new mobile devices or install new software. All Wi-Fi devices, old and new, benefit from ClientMatch.
No IT involvement
With ClientMatch, there’s nothing to configure, monitor or manage. It even waits for latency-sensitive voice and video sessions to end before steering devices to new APs. This makes for a better end user experience and reduces IT support costs.