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802.11ac Certification

Aruba Networks 220 Series 802.11ac Access Points Receive Certification from Wi-Fi Alliance

SUNNYVALE, Calif. – July 24, 2013 – Aruba Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: ARUN), a leading provider of next-generation network access solutions for the mobile enterprise, today announced that its Aruba 220 Series Access Points, the first purpose-built enterprise access points for the 802.11ac standard, have achieved certification through the Wi-Fi Alliance® Wi-Fi CERTIFIEDTM ac program. The Wi-Fi CERTIFIED ac program aims to ensure interoperability of 802.11ac-certified devices across vendors.

The Aruba AP-225 Access Points with patented ClientMatchTM technology and the Aruba 7200 Series Mobility Controllers have successfully passed all of the required tests for Wi-Fi Alliance’s certification program and as such, are interoperable with other certified products including the latest generation of smartphones, such as the Samsung Galaxy S4, laptops and mobile devices.  This interoperability is a key factor in allowing enterprises to move forward with large-scale 802.11ac deployments.

“Completing Wi-Fi Alliance certification for our 802.11ac solution gives our customers the assurance they need to transition to 802.11ac or expand existing 802.11ac implementations,” said Robert Fenstermacher, director, product and solutions marketing, Aruba Networks. “As customers begin to embrace 802.11ac for their next-generation networks, they’ll be looking to wireless infrastructure vendors that can deliver integrated, enterprise-class solutions that work with the latest crop of mobile devices. Aruba’s 802.11ac solution gives these customers the latest in Wi-Fi® technology with ClientMatch and now both Microsoft Lync certification and Wi-Fi Alliance certification, so they can begin deploying .11ac in earnest.”

The University of Delaware, a research intensive and technologically advanced institution, is currently deploying nearly 300 of Aruba’s AP-225 802.11ac APs in three new buildings on its main campus in Newark, Delaware.

“Providing the capacity to support the thousands of wireless and mobile devices used on campus is a key objective of our wireless strategy,” said Daniel Grim, Chief Technology Officer, University of Delaware. “When we first tested Aruba’s 802 .11ac access points, we were very impressed with the improved performance. Even without .11ac mobile devices in use yet, we could clearly see the benefit of the new APs. Wi-Fi Alliance’s official certification of Aruba’s AP-225 further validates our decision to deploy this leading-edge technology in our new Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Laboratory building as well as in our new dorms, Redding and Gilbert Halls. When the new buildings open this fall, we are confident that the new APs will provide an unprecedented level of wireless coverage and capacity to support the needs of our faculty and students.”

“We congratulate Aruba for achieving product certification of its enterprise APs through the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED ac program,” said Kelly Davis-Felner, marketing and program management director of Wi-Fi Alliance. “Wi-Fi is becoming an increasingly important part of enterprise networks. Wi-Fi CERTIFIED devices provide a seal of approval for interoperability and offer the security and performance that network managers have come to expect.”

Aruba’s 802.11ac Solution: Purpose-built for the Next Generation of .11ac Networks

Unlike modular 802.11ac APs, the Aruba 220 Series APs are purpose-built for the new Wi-Fi standard, resulting in time and cost-savings for customers. First, the Aruba 220 Series APs draw much less power than modular APs and include a power-efficient mode so that enterprises can operate the APs at lower speeds with available 802.3af PoE power. Second, the 220 Series APs can be deployed with existing switch infrastructure, saving enterprises the cost of a complete network overhaul.  Finally, the 220 Series APs utilize Aruba’s unique, patented ClientMatch technology, allowing enterprises to solve the problem of “sticky clients”. ClientMatch gathers data that intelligently steers devices to the best possible AP, ensuring that every device benefits from the promise of 802.11ac’s increased speed and capacity.

Aruba’s AP-220 Series access points, along with Aruba’s ClientMatch technology began shipping in June 2013 and can be used with the complete portfolio of Aruba mobility controllers. For more information, please visit

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