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What’s the secret to faster Wi-Fi performance? Excellent RF design.

Up to 10-times faster download speeds in high density environments*

Performance claims are tough to sort out and even tougher to back up. But Aruba Instant APs are different. They perform optimally when faced with challenges like RF interference from adjacent WLANs, security scanning on the AP, and many slow clients competing for bandwidth.

Instant has been tested against competitors and the real world is where we really shine – go ahead and connect 20 slow iPhones and stream video. That’s when you’ll actually see that Aruba Instant is up to 10-times faster than any competitor.
*Tested 20 iPhones downloading on Aruba Instant vs competitor.

Airtime fairness allows more clients to move faster on the network

From the first-generation smartphone to the latest high-end laptop, Wi-Fi connection speeds vary wildly, from 54 Mbps to 450 Mbps. Like being behind a slow car on the freeway, the slowest devices can keep faster ones from reaching peak performance and can reduce overall network capacity in the process.
But with Aruba’s Airtime fairness capability, we reserve equal time slots for fast devices and slow devices. So fast clients go faster, and everyone can use the network at their own top speeds.

Always-on scanning avoids performance slowing interference

To prevent attacks, WLAN access points have to scan the air nonstop. It’s especially critical if you process credit cards and require compliance with PCI guidelines. And to keep tabs on Wi-Fi interference that can cause performance to suffer, your APs should continually scan for Wi-Fi channels with the least interference.
Only Aruba Instant APs continually scan the air while providing connectivity for Wi-Fi clients. That means you don’t need dedicated scan-only APs and you get always-on protection. Other controllerless APs can’t simultaneously scan the air and connect Wi-Fi clients – only Aruba Instant can!

Optimize Wi-Fi channel use and power for faster client performance

Constant scanning for potential problems gives Aruba Instant lots of information to make decisions. When the AP finds RF interference on one channel, it can steer clients to a better channel for the best possible Wi-Fi experience. Alternatively, Instant APs can adjust transmit-power settings to boost signal strength in weak areas.

Extensive testing under dynamic environmental conditions shows that Aruba Instant APs continuously and automatically maximize WLAN performance and optimize Wi-Fi client behavior. In these same tests, the competition failed to take any action.

Zero Touch Setup – Really!

Ever wish that technology knew how to configure itself? If you’re an IT manager trying to deploy new access points where there’s no IT staff, or the onsite person wishing you didn’t need a technical degree to get the wireless LAN going, Aruba cloud Wi-Fi is for you.

  • Aruba Central integrates your new Instant access point (AP) purchase information into your Aruba Central subscription or AirWave™ server.
  • No MAC address to enter or manual intervention.
  • New Instant APs contact Aruba Central for configuration information and automatically update.
  • Onsite staff just plugs in the power and Ethernet connection.
  • Additional Instant APs automatically join the existing wireless LAN.