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Top 5 Ways Video Conferencing Will Transform Your Business

The business world is evolving exponentially.  In the last decade alone, we’ve seen the rise of smartphones and tablets, the implementation of telecommuting programs at companies large and small, and an unprecedented growth in the interconnectedness of global industry.  For companies to succeed in today’s ever-changing business world, they need to be looking to the future, embracing new technologies and beating their competitors to the punch.

Video conferencing is one such technology, and it’s changing the way people interact across distances and time zones with its ability to recreate the nonverbal nuances of communication (which, according to some researchers, accounts for as much as 93 percent of communication).  But what’s that mean for your company?  Today we’ll look at some of the top five ways video conferencing can and will improve your company.

1. Reduced travel expenses. 
If business travel is the lifeblood of your company, it’s probably also one of your biggest expenses.  Because video conferencing allows you to talk face-to-face with current and prospective clients, it effectively eliminates the need for all but your biggest annual trips, saving you time, money, and frustration in the process.  Not only that, but it’s incredibly easy to determine just how much your company will save by adopting a system: simply multiply the number of trips taken annually by the average cost (including airfare, hotel booking and fees, and per diem expenses) and compare it against the cost of installing a video conferencing system.  Most organizations reach break-even just three months after their system is installed, making this one of the most prudent investments you can make.

2. Increased productivity through better communication.
At the end of the day, sales, management, and marketing all depend on effective communication.  So why is it that so much of our business communication comes down to endless email chains and lifeless, sleep-inducing conference calls?   Video conferencing allows geographically disparate coworkers to converse in real-time, with no loss in intonation and facial cues, and with less communication come faster results, quicker turn-around on projects, and increased productivity.  With video conferencing, keeping the lines of communication up has never been easier.

3. Improved work/life balance.
A bad work/life balance doesn’t just affect an employee’s productivity: it can actually have serious long-term effects on his or her health and wellbeing, and related expenses can really pile up.  Video conferencing is a great way to reduce work-related stress and improve your employees’ work/life balance; from allowing workers to telecommute one day a week or replacing business trips with less time-consuming video conferences, you’re helping your employees work smarter and harder.  The end result is less employee turnover and a happier, more productive staff – and that’s a win-win.

These are just three of our top five reasons to invest in a video conferencing solution.  Want to learn more about the exciting ways video conferencing can take your company to the next level?  Take a look.