PGH Networks


When telecommunications is your business, you better have your headsets together

The telecom industry has a front row seat to the impact technology has on office environments. To leverage these trends to your advantage, you need equipment that brings your various systems together and increases your employees’ productivity. That’s what our headsets bring to the table. For office environments that utilize Unified Communications, Jabra headsets offer a straightforward, plug-and-play solution. Your employees plug in the headset, it recognizes the system and employees can immediately use the full range of functionality.Jabra headsets lead the industry with simple, easy to use audio end point solutions that feature comfortable wearing style options, exceptional sound quality, and innovative design. Many of our headsets are software-based and can be mass deployed more easily than competitive offerings and firmware upgrades can be implemented and managed in much less time and with limited effort. Jabra headsets utilize adjustable power settings to support greater density and range, and have been available on our Jabra wireless solutions for many years. 

Bringing the touchscreen to the office

Touchscreens have revolutionized the way we use and interact with technology. Now Jabra has brought the touchscreen to the world of professional headsets. Employees can use the touchscreen to more quickly and easily handle their calls. A Jabra headset touchscreen provides unprecedented transparency, as employees can always see their call status.

Excellent sound quality

Our corded and wireless headsets use advanced audio technology to enable calls that are clearer and more understandable. Noise Cancellation actively filters out background noise, enabling employees and customers to hear loud and clear; even in call centers and open plan offices.