Technology is deeply embedded in our lives today, which arguably has pros and cons. Our devices store a lot of information, making going about our daily routines easy. However, some of that information is sensitive and personal. It is crucial to protect your sensitive information when disposing of, donating, reselling, or recycling old electronics, so that it does not get into the hands of a criminal.


Whether you donate, resell, recycle, or destroy your device, proper preparation steps must be completed beforehand. CISA offers information on how to remove data from specific types of devices. 

1. Backup your data so you do not lose any critical information. This may be a physical hardcopy, digital backup to the cloud, or another external drive. 

2. Delete, Delete, Delete. Be sure to delete all information and files from the device. Clear your browser history and cache.

3. Performing a factory reset, overwriting, or wiping the device is extremely important. Deleting all data properly may take several hours or days, so consider this when planning.

TIP: If using any form of two-factor authentication, be sure to first review the application regarding how to transfer to a new device or remove.


Depending on your device’s quality and state, you can donate, resell, recycle or destroy it.

Below are local options, but please keep in mind that a computer or smart device has many environmentally toxic components like getting rid of an old refrigerator or air conditioning unit. Utilizing a licensed organization to handle the destruction of the device is beneficial to the environment. It provides peace of mind to you, knowing your information has been securely destroyed.


The Covered Device Recycling Act (CDRA) was passed in 2010 by The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, which excludes televisions, computers, and other electronic devices to be sent to landfills or set out for trash pickup. 

Pittsburgh offers a multitude of disposal options throughout the city for e-waste. Here are a few: 


PGH Networks also offers proper and secure disposal of electronics to our clients. We participate with two local e-cycling programs and destroy the hard drives from computers. We can also provide a Certificate of Destruction for a small fee. 

Contact us today if you are interested in our disposal services.