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Office 365 Management Made Easy with AdminDroid

AdminDroid offers 1500+ reports and 15+ dashboards to bring your entire Microsoft 365 infrastructure
under your radar. With AdminDroid you can manage and secure your organization with better control
and visibility in just a few mouse clicks.

The tool provides advanced reporting features, alerting capabilities, customization options, and report
automation abilities, that help the Microsoft 365 administrators monitor everything in the organization
and make sure that no event gets unnoticed.

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Microsoft 365 Reporting - Stay up to date and make decisions faster

AdminDroid provides reports on all major Microsoft 365 services such as Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Teams, OneDrive, Power BI (Audit), and more.

Every report is very well analyzed and categorized in a granular way based on each service. The reports will contain in-depth and detailed information on the data available in your Microsoft 365 tenant.


Microsoft 365 Auditing - Track Activities, know who did what operation and when

With AdminDroid’s dedicated audit reports, Microsoft 365 admins will be able keep an eye on all the users and groups in the organization by tracking day-to-day activities such as file sharing/access events, email traffic, non-owner accesses, secure score, password changes, login attempts, and so on. You shall also do this by just having a quick glance at 'User Activities Dashboard'