PGH Networks

Managed Services | Outsourcing | How it works

PGH’s Managed Services/Outsourcing program helps you manage your IT and automate basic IT tasks, which helps reduce IT-support costs and improves company productivity. To begin the deployment process, PGH installs its agent on each server, desktop, and network device. The installation does not impact the performance of any of your systems. 

PGH customizes its agent for a number of services – including the monitoring of servers, PCs, and devices – for problems such as disk space and event-log errors. We also push-out anti-virus and patch updates, and we remotely fix monitored systems from our network operation center (NOC). 

The Technology 
The agent allows PGH to monitor, track, and provide reports on the status of your IT environment. We also offer various service level agreements that allow us to proactively fix IT problems on-the-fly to prevent server downtime and loss of employee productivity. The agent also allows PGH to automate day-to-day IT tasks such as defragging, deleting temporary Internet files, monitoring back-up systems, and administering many other IT functions. 

IT Support and Service Level Agreements 
PGH customizes Service Level Agreements to integrate with your existing IT department processes. We also offer an integrated support-desk ticketing system that alerts users based on the severity of the problem. Alerts are delivered to almost any device by email, text message, and page – or viewed online via our support-desk ticketing system. Custom workflows are managed and reported on by the incident, by time-of-day, or other parameters to make sure your servers, PCs, and devices are always operational.