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Simple Ways Technology Can Help Meetings

Meeting Technology

Modern technology can improve so many different facets of your business. But in some cases, these areas might not be so obvious. In other words, you and your team are so accustomed to the status quo that you don’t even think of other possibilities… like your meetings for one.

Incorporate the tiniest amount of technology into your meetings, and you can easily increase productivity, improve engagement, and maximize collaboration. Here are a few quick ideas to help you and your team make the most out of all those meetings.

Apps for Meetings

Apps aren’t just for building magical kingdoms and swiping to the left for hours. Apps can also be used to pull off more effective meetings. With the right set of meeting apps at your team’s side, you can schedule sessions (Calendly, Appointlet, NeedToMeet), track minutes (Team Meeting Timer, Lucid, Less Meeting), build agendas (Minute), jot down notes (Cisco Spark), share files (Dropbox), and so much more. Apps like these will help you and your team get on the same page and stay there.

Utilizing a Bigger Screen

Who doesn’t like a big screen? Throw one of these bad boys into your next meeting, and you’ll notice the engagement levels shoot through the roof. But it can’t be just any big screen… it needs to be a touchscreen, write-all-over, connect-to-business-applications kind of big screen. In other words, something like a Mondopad. Use this gadget like you would a whiteboard but also do things like video conference and screen share.

Devices in Meetings 

Most people think it’s a terrible, terrible thing to use a phone or other connected device during a meeting… but why? Maybe back in the day, this was looked upon as a business Faux Pas, but nowadays, it should be considered something relatively normal. Allow people to bring their devices into a meeting so they can take notes, schedule activities for later, and manage their time more effectively. Otherwise, you’re limiting their abilities simply because someone at some point told you to do it.