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LifeSize Passport Series

About the Passport Series
The LifeSize Passport series of solutions brings the highest quality in HD video conferencing to the palm of your hand. Ideal for individual offices, teleworkers and collaboration rooms, LifeSize Passport solutions enable you to stay connected anywhere, anytime. Easy to set up, connect and use, LifeSize Passport solutions have users communicating face to face with their colleagues, partners and customers who are also using LifeSize solutions.

LifeSize Passport’s small form factor makes it the ideal True HD video conferencing system for the small meeting room or personal or home office. You can deploy video conferencing capabilities on a large scale to your employees who are working from remote offices at minimal expense. And with Skype™ interoperability, people worldwide on Skype will now be accessible from the LifeSize Passport directory, letting you connect to them with just one click. Collaborate via high quality, reliable video from any LifeSize Passport to any Skype-enabled PC and connect over audio to any mobile devices running Skype.

With LifeSize Passport you get true HD video quality—720p30—for natural, realistic interactions at only 1 Mbps over any Internet connection.

LifeSize Passport offers the flexibility of anywhere access in the palm of your hand. Natural, realistic interactions can occur over any Internet connection, and data, presentations and other content can be shared via LifeSize Virtual Link. Users can easily record and replay video messages via LifeSize UVC Video Center.

LifeSize Passport is qualified by Skype™ to work on the Skype platform. Individual offices, teleworkers and small to medium-sized businesses can stay connected easily with anyone using Skype around the world. People worldwide on Skype will now be accessible from the LifeSize Passport directory, letting you connect with just one click. Collaborate via high quality, reliable video and audio from LifeSize Passport to any Skype-enabled PC or Mac. Scalable and ready to grow with an organization as the need arises, LifeSize Passport is officially Microsoft® qualified with Microsoft® Office Communications Server 2007 R2™ and fully interoperable with Microsoft® Lync™. LifeSize Passport has also received official Avaya® DevConnect Tested status, confirming that the solution offers comprehensive support for any and all Avaya Aura devices and infrastructure.

LifeSize Passport Connect
The LifeSize Passport Connect is a revolutionary HD video system optimized for cloud-based solutions. Shattering price barriers to broad adoption, it vastly simplifies deployment and user experience, minimizing total cost of ownership. LifeSize Passport Connect accelerates universal video collaboration and is ideal for telecommuters and remote offices.

The LifeSize Passport Connect is the first HD video system designed to work with cloud-based solutions, like LifeSize Connections, to provide seamless, real-time collaboration from the desktop to the meeting room. Together with LifeSize Connections, the LifeSize Passport Connect delivers a cloud-optimized video collaboration experience that keeps teleworkers and remote offices connected with meeting rooms in a simple-to-use, simple-to-deploy video collaboration solution.

The LifeSize Passport Connect is easy to set up, with only four cables to connect, and features auto-provisioning and seamless firewall traversal to promote rapid deployment.

The LifeSize Passport Connect user interface is intuitively designed with simple name-based dialing and search functionality, enabling instant communication for broad adoption.

LifeSize and Logitech collaborate to offer best-in-class camera technology with the highest quality HD video.
LGExecutive, powered by LifeSize
LGExecutive, powered by LifeSize, combines LifeSize HD video communications technology with an LG® monitor designed to maximize productivity, resulting in a video conferencing solution that is smart, simple and streamlined.

The LGExecutive brings the quality you’ve come to expect from a LifeSize HD video conferencing solution to a streamlined, simple, single unit that won’t take up any additional real estate in your office. Striving for display quality that matched LifeSize’s industry-leading video conferencing standards, LifeSize chose a 24-inch LG monitor that offers natural interaction right at your desk.

Enjoy an immersive HD video communications experience from your desk with a simple deployment—plug in a few cables and you are ready to go. The LGExecutive combines a video endpoint, camera, microphone and display to seamlessly connect with your existing video conferencing systems at the click of a mouse.

For executives and employees who need a system that will adjust to their needs, the LGExecutive streamlines daily activities like never before. Users can participate in an HD video call with colleagues, share presentations and data via LifeSize Virtual Link during the call, and then switch back to their PCs to finish their work. LGExecutive even transforms into a recording and playback device with LifeSize UVC Video Center when important messages must be shared both live and on demand.

The LGExecutive is interoperable with LifeSize Connections, enabling you to connect from a Mac or PC to a conference room.
LifeSize Virtual Link
LifeSize Virtual Link enables you to share content from your computer during HD video calls without the need for a wired connection.

Traditional data sharing during an HD video call is enabled over a DVI cable connection to your desktop or laptop. With LifeSize Virtual Link, you can share data during your HD video call from any LifeSize Unity 50, LifeSize Passport, LifeSize Passport Connect and LGExecutive, powered by LifeSize, without the interruption of swapping out DVI cables during your call.

Any LifeSize user with a Windows PC or Mac can download the free LifeSize Virtual Link application and seamlessly share his or her desktop with remote participants through video calls from the LifeSize Unity 50, LifeSize Passport, LifeSize Passport Connect or LGExecutive, powered by LifeSize. The presenters do not even have to be in the same room as the video endpoint in order to share content over the network.

Simply complete the LifeSize Virtual Link Download form below to access your free download.

LifeSize Virtual Link’s clean and simple UI allows you to search for endpoints on your network and organize your favorites for recurring meetings. You can even view the status of each endpoint before starting your presentation.
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