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How to Think Outside the [Virtual] Box & Grow Your Business with Technology

While every business’s ultimate goal is growth, many business owners struggle to identify the most cost-effective, feasible strategy to accomplish this goal. This is where digital technologies come in handy. 

Many of today’s businesses utilize technology to improve their operational processes; in fact, more than 80% of business owners agree that technology creates financial opportunities for their business. Technology helps business owners improve scale, streamline efficiency, reduce operational costs, and diminish production times. 


Digital technologies are valuable tools to help drive business growth and accomplish strategic objectives. There are plenty of online tools available that can automate business-critical tasks, such as paying bills or scheduling employees for shifts. Other digital technologies can help businesses more efficiently manage time, such as calendars or scheduling platforms that manage meetings and calls. Most importantly, there are technologies that can monitor and protect network safety, guarding businesses against system failures and cyberthreats. 


Many different elements contribute to business growth; therefore, businesses should consider multiple technologies to help them minimize operational costs and maximize revenue. 

Cloud-based applications are ideal for businesses looking to improve productivity and efficiency for a low cost, especially because these technologies carry a lower cost up-front and can be utilized across a range of different devices. 

Similarly, digital technologies that improve data security can help protect critical assets from cyber threats and system failures, empower mobile employees, modernize IT infrastructure and streamline compliance.

Finally, business owners can consider augmenting their performance through artificial intelligence technologies. 


Over the past few years, the cloud has transformed business technology, improving operations, enabling flexible workplaces, and decreasing infrastructure costs. Cloud computing can be integrated into many business operations, from managing infrastructure to remote work and beyond. Moreover, with cloud providers like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, businesses can scale their cloud usage easily depending on the resources they need.   


Cybersecurity is so much more than a way to mitigate cyber risk—it is also a crucial digital tool that can accelerate business growth. At the most basic level, data security technology can protect businesses from digital disruption by protecting critical assets, but the technology can also enable higher levels of productivity while geographically expanding your workforce— which is essential for innovation and growth. By vetting mobile users, deploying digital certificates to these users, and implementing the right mobile security technologies, tools, and policies, cybersecurity technology can promote business growth. 


Artificial intelligence (AI) has embedded itself in almost every industry and for good reason: they provide invaluable support by automating processes, analyzing data to generate insights, and even engaging with clients. From automated chat-bots that provide 24/7 customer support to Microsoft Power, which enables businesses to automate repetitive tasks and build multi-step workflows, AI is an essential investment for businesses looking to increase their productivity, efficiency, and profit.

Digital technology is evolving every day, which is why outsourcing IT is a best practice for most businesses. Outsourcing frees up time and resources to allow business owners to focus on achieving business goals and will likely reduce costs in the long term. To learn more about the services and technology PGH Networks can provide, reach out to us today: contact us today.