Cloud Computing Consulting Services

Are you and your employees consistently on the go?

Do you want to access all your files anywhere, at any time?

Want to eliminate the stress of hardware updates?

Cloud computing consulting services can help you and your team complete key tasks, no matter where they’re located. Make your data as mobile as the rest of your business.

Improved collaboration and productivity

Cost Savings

Flexibility and scalability

Access to advanced technologies

Enhanced security


When you host your technology with PGH Networks, you eliminate the need for physical hardware. We can consult on and support:

  • Private cloud computing needs
  • Hybrid cloud solutions
  • Public cloud computing
  • Cloud computing security solutions of all types

Our team can handle any needed management, upgrades, and repairs of digital infrastructure quickly and confidently.

We offer a variety of popular and dependable cloud offerings, including:

  • MS 365
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing Services
  • AWS
  • Our own PGH Private Cloud Solution
  • A range of other cloud solutions to meet the unique needs of your business

Cloud computing is a type of computing that involves delivering services over the internet rather than using local servers or personal devices. In a business context, cloud computing allows companies to access and use a shared pool of computing resources, such as servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence, on a pay-as-you-go basis. Thus, businesses can avoid the upfront costs and maintenance of maintaining their infrastructure and instead focus on their core competencies and goals.


Cloud computing offers a variety of benefits to small businesses. However, implementation is often best accomplished with the assistance of Cloud computing consulting services, as we provide at PGH Networks. Our expert cloud consultants ensure you have a reliable and effective cloud environment. They’ll dive deep into technical considerations, and business needs to build a solution that aligns with your company.

With cloud computing, you can eliminate worries about updates to hardware or software. In addition, the Cloud can reduce costs and eliminate the requirement of a large capital outlay for technology projects. There’s no drop-off in performance or security — just an easier path to accessing and using digital assets whenever and wherever needed. Your staff will always have access to precisely what they need. You can expand digital resources whenever necessary and however, you want with little to no effort. 

Cloud computing becomes a monthly recurring expense that’s easy to budget. The Cloud enables companies to make quick decisions on the fly, no matter where employees are located. The result is constant and dependable access to the mission-critical digital tools you and your staff regularly use. 

The Cloud is also capable of growing flexibly with your business. Our Cloud consultants can advise you on how to scale up or down at high volumes based on your business requirements. It also offers an excellent path for redundancy and business continuity. Increasing digital resiliency is always a positive, and cloud computing can help you do that.

PGH Networks can help you assess your current applications and solutions to determine if moving to the Cloud is right for you. We provide everything from introductory Cloud consulting to cloud computing security services for businesses across the Greater Pittsburgh area. You can count on our experts to recommend, implement, and maintain the most effective cloud computing services for your business.

  • Healthcare: Cloud computing can help healthcare organizations store and manage large amounts of patient data, improve collaboration among care providers, and provide better patient care.
  • Finance: Cloud computing can enable financial institutions to process large amounts of data in real time, improve customer experience, and reduce operational costs.
  • Manufacturing: Cloud computing can help manufacturers optimize supply chain management, improve production processes, and gain access to real-time data and insights.
  • Retail: Cloud computing can enable retailers to manage customer data, track inventory, and personalize customer shopping experiences.
  • Government: Cloud computing can help government agencies reduce costs, improve service delivery, and better manage and analyze data.
  • Education: Cloud computing can enable schools and universities to provide more personalized learning experiences, improve collaboration among teachers and students, and gain access to advanced technologies.
  • Media and entertainment: Cloud computing can help media and entertainment companies manage and distribute large amounts of data, such as videos and images, and enable them to deliver engaging and interactive experiences to their audiences.
  • Telecommunications: Cloud computing can help telecommunications companies manage and analyze large amounts of customer data, improve network performance, and support the growth of new technologies, such as 5G.
  • Transportation: Cloud computing can enable transportation companies to improve logistics, optimize routes, and provide real-time information to their customers.
  • Energy and utilities: Cloud computing can help energy and utility companies manage and analyze large amounts of data, improve operational efficiency, and better serve their customers.
  • Agriculture: Cloud computing can enable farmers to collect and analyze data from sensors and other devices, improve crop yields, and optimize irrigation and fertilization.

A hybrid cloud combines two types of cloud computing:

  • Public Cloud: Cloud infrastructure shared between many organizations.
  • Private Cloud: Dedicated cloud infrastructure only accessible by one business.

Looking at a hybrid approach to the Cloud makes a lot of sense for many small businesses. These smaller companies still support a variety of legacy core applications.

Many of our clients are moving to Microsoft 365. They’re embracing and adopting the idea of email and other critical business tools in the Cloud.

PGH Networks offers:

  • Hybrid cloud security solutions
  • Hybrid cloud storage solutions
  • Experienced hybrid cloud consultants to develop individualized strategies

A hybrid solution can allow your business to migrate to Microsoft 365. You can then determine the best solution for your core applications moving forward.

Ready to take advantage of the many benefits of cloud computing? PGH Networks offers Cloud computing consulting services throughout the Pittsburgh area and beyond. Contact us today!


Cloud Computing Services

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