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Avaya Aura Virtualized Environment

Avaya Aura® Virtualized Environment offers an alternative to running Avaya Aura core applications on dedicated servers. Avaya Aura applications are approved by VMware as ready for integration into any VMware compatible network.
Avaya Aura applications are supported on VMware as virtual appliances. Our downloadable, VMware-compatible OVA files let enterprises integrate full-capability Avaya Aura applications on their own hardware and VMware operating systems. Choose server-based applications, virtual appliances, or a combination of solutions:

  • Avaya Aura® Appliance Model
    Avaya Aura® can always be purchased as a turnkey solution on Avaya Common Server platforms. Avaya provides individual server models, optimized for each application, for enterprises preferring that Avaya provide the server hardware for their solutions. However, Avaya Aura Virtualized Environment meets the scale, performance, and reliability standards of the Avaya Aura appliance model in a virtualized solution. Avaya Aura Virtualized Environment combines the reliability and robust features of Avaya Aura with the diagnostics capabilities of VMware vCenter.
  • Avaya Collaboration Pod
    The Avaya Aura Virtualized Environment can also be deployed as an Avaya Collaboration Pod, where we combine a best-of-breed server, storage, virtualization, and networking components in an easy-to-order, easy-to-deploy, and ready-to-operate package. The Collaboration Pod for Avaya Aura Virtualized Environment includes installed VMware operating software, VMware licenses, and a unified communications platform pre-tested by Avaya.

Migration Path
For existing Avaya customers, Avaya Aura Virtualized Environment offers an efficient, simplified path to migrate to the latest Avaya Aura release. For any enterprise, Avaya Aura Virtualized Environment offers an efficient implementation and full Unified Communications solution.

Avaya offers licensing bundles designed for how and where people work. Avaya Aura® Suite Licensing lets businesses mix and match licenses for Avaya Aura and Unified Communications applications to support business requirements like mobile collaboration, BYOD, and desktop video. Avaya also offers individual application licenses a la carte.

Features and Benefits

Expand and upgrade existing applications
Avaya Aura® Virtualized Environment delivers a reduced footprint when you expand Avaya Aura® applications. Explore cost-effective upgrades for mobile and video collaboration features, and migrations to support the latest Avaya conferencing and messaging platforms.

Define the flexibility you need

Mix and match dedicated server and virtualized Avaya Aura applications in any network—deploy applications as virtual software, on a dedicated hardware server, or as a turnkey Collaboration Pod.

Gain Avaya Aura reliability and redundancy

Avaya Aura Virtualized Environment offers a new, cost-effective way to get Avaya Aura survivable core and geographic redundancy. The virtualized applications are compatible with VMware vCenter diagnostic and maintenance tools.

Host full Unified Communications capabilities

Avaya Aura Virtualized Environment offers a cost-effective model for providing Avaya Aura collaboration solutions in a hosted model. Virtualization reduces hardware requirements, and delivers enhanced reliability and redundancy.