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6 Great Apps to Get Productivity Roll

When it comes to simplifying your job, collaboration and communication are key. And with millions of apps out there just waiting to make your life easier, simplifying your workload is a piece of cake. Why work the manual way when you can automate your tasks and use digital applications to streamline your processes? Here are six of our favorite collaborative apps.

1. Slack
Slack sums up their app in three simple words: Be less busy. This ultimate messaging application gives teams an easy-to-use portal where they can have real-time conversations, direct messaging or private group chats for confidential topics. You can also share files by simply dragging and dropping them to anyone (Slack also syncs with Google Drive, Dropbox or Box for easy sharing). Set up all notifications to run through this one app—from social media to support requests. Offering all the tools you need to get down to business, Slack keeps you from switching back and forth between apps. And, if you ever need to find something, every conversation, file and notification is searchable within an archive.

2. Dropbox
This cloud service takes digital file storage to a whole new level. Just ask companies like Hyatt and National Geographic, both of whom trust Dropbox to store their data and keep it accessible and secure. This app allows for easy sharing within your team. Access your files anytime, from anywhere and experience a new level of productivity.

3. Paper
Paper is actually Dropbox’s version of a real-time collaboration tool. Say you create a document and want your manager, Susan, to edit it. You add her to the file and the moment she clicks, you get a notification that Susan is viewing the file. You can then watch your screen as she types, edits, deletes, or comments. Different team members are given colors to keep track of who is editing what, and you can view all the document history since the moment of creation. So what’s the difference between Paper and Dropbox? With Dropbox, you have to download files or use a third-party software to real-time edit. With Paper, everything is streamlined and you no longer need to have Word or a license for Word Online in order to collaborate with your team. If you have Dropbox, you absolutely must use Paper. It’s a game-changer.

4. Flow
By keeping your team’s communication clear and organized in one place, you will always be on the same page. Categorized chat rooms generate productive discussions, task management lets you see what’s done and what’s in the queue, and access from all devices gives you the freedom to communicate with your team no matter where you are. You may think keeping communication together won’t make a huge difference, but you’re wrong. Once your team is all on the same page and ideas are shared instantaneously, you’ll wonder why you didn’t Flow from the start.

5. Office 365
Office 365 is your office on-the-go. Create, edit and share using the latest versions of Office, market your company with customized marketing materials and easily communicate with clients and team members. Utilize avenues such as email, IM, joint calendars and video conferencing to stay synced with your team—all from any device, at any time and from any location. If you don’t have Office 365, you aren’t maximizing your company’s potential.

6. MindMeister
The ultimate mind mapping and concept collaboration application, MindMeister lets you collaborate in real time by developing your own ideas and sharing to create a digital brainstorm. Share mind maps with your team via email, social media, or make them public to really get the ideas going. Then build presentations to give your audience a visual journey of your ideas. Additional features include customized map designs, map exporting, map embedding, task management and easy attachments from Dropbox, Google Drive and Evernote. Sounds like the perfect answer for that absent-minded genius who can never keep his/her thoughts together enough to produce. Or anyone who really wants to explore their creativity and mapping ability.